Screenwriter Forced to Write Totally Inappropriate, WTF? Part
Thursday, November 09, 2006

Even though you are the architect of a multimillion dollar project, the visonary genius who places the protagonist just so he will experience the most angst, never forget you are just a peon. Hopefully a well paid peon, but peasantry nonetheless, endless toiling at the hands of The Man (the Man who signs the check, but still. Freedom don't pay the bills - usually)

LA Times article here

Brett Ratner insisted that his screenwriter, Jeff Nathanson, write in a part for Roman Polanski on... get this... Rush Hour 3. Because the one thing this Chris Tucker/Jackie Chan franchise lacks is Satan's child and Holocaust ghettoes.
No word on if there's going to be a part for Michael Mann as Indiana's wacky yet lovable sidekick with a fondness for knock-knock jokes in the upcoming IJ4 sequel.
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