Pimping the Program
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Variety reports that Final Draft software bought Scr(i)pt magazine.

I can't say the news excites. I don't own Final Draft, and have never used it. I don't really have an opinion on the software, actually. My problem is that they now own the magazine.

I read Scr(i)pt for the articles. Really, I do! Trust me, the pics are nothing to drool over. This buyout has me worried though, about the integrity of the articles. Are there going to be unbiased reviews of software? Are we going to get an honest evaluation of Movie Magic vs. Final Draft? Interviews with spec-ers who have recently sold, will they honestly report it if they claim "Best thing I ever did was get Sophocles?" (Like that would happen. It's rhetorical, ok?) I guess I have an inherent distrust for blatant conflicts of interest.

Am I going to hear about new products in their magazine anymore? Is everything going to be tainted by the Brand? Will they only advertise contests that offer Final Draft as the prize (I've never understood that. The last thing a prize winning screenwriter needs should be software. Either they already own it, or they have something else that already works for them.)
They are also redesigning the magazine. Probably trying to find alternative advertisers - gotta replace all those competitors.

The questions are many, the answers few. We'll see how it all turns out - there's always Creative Screenwriting.
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