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Friday, September 29, 2006
My faithful reader will note, this blog is now devoted to writing, movies, and entertainment.

That blog is now devoted to the mundane, happy housewife front I put on so people won't know I'm really running a forced labor camp.

Adjust your bookmarks accordingly.

For your handy convenience, here are links to my old posts on writing from my schizophrenic previous blog. It's ok, I put it on Zoloft so everything's fine over there now.

"Killing Me Softly" - Writer's block isn't my problem, unfortunately!

"Some Thoughts on Genre" - More on the scary stuff.

"The Muse" - Wherein Milehimama laments her demonic tendencies

Vanished - A review (not good)

June 2006 - Review of The Omen

May 2006 - A quick horror story, notes on screenwriting websites.

April 2006 - Writing, Lucky Number Slevin, miscellanous movie musings.

January 2006 - reviews of King Kong, The New World, Last Holiday, Glory Road, and the Book of Daniel. Scroll down.
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