Empathy quickie
Friday, October 13, 2006
From a review of Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning on a deliciously snarky site, Pajiba:

The characters’ brief introductions skirt the boundaries of meaningful involvement, but are much too short and rushed to really let the audience feel empathy. And where empathy doesn’t go, interest is not likely to follow.

So true, and good advice to keep in mind when writing this stuff! And by "this stuff", of course I mean weeks and months of blood, sweat, tears and vodka to produce 110 pages of Oscar worthy magic.

On another note, I am published!
SpongeBob's New Friend

Devil May Care

Published, but not paid. Well, paid in "exposure", which could mean nothing or everything. It will give me a portfolio to show in order to land paid work, allow me to practice working on a deadline, and give me an outlet for all of those useless factoids I come across while procrastinating online. I do work better when I'm not connected to the wireless network, that's for sure!
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